About Us

SEALS was founded in 1996 by principal, John Kaus and Northern Territory live export legend ​Sid Parker.

Before that time, John had accumulated over 29 years of experience in the live trade, learning all areas of the business from the bottom, as a boat stockman, to the top, as senior marketing executive with Carabao Exports (whom pioneered many of the South East Asian markets in the late 80s and early 90s).

Sid Parker was involved in the Northern Pastoral Industry for over half a century and had a wealth of knowledge which was invaluable in managing the Australian operations. This allowed John to concentrate on marketing and servicing clients directly from his base in South East Asia.

Who We Are

From humble beginnings, the SEALS team has had to work hard against many large corporate pastoral export companies to establish themselves as a world leading independent exporter with headquarters in Brisbane, Darwin, and Perth.

The Asian currency crash of 1997 saw many export companies go out of business, however, the SEALS team adapted their business model to suit the clients changing purchasing power. As John was living and working in South East Asia, he had a great understanding of the culture and the local currencies, so began offering to supply livestock to clients in their local currency; in some cases this was worth nothing on the world market. As a result, SEALS increased their market share significantly and this became the foundation of many client relationships that remain today.

SEALS now have a large team of people passionate about livestock. We employ animal welfare specialists in our overseas destinations, experienced buyers based full time in Queensland and the Northern Territory, and administration offices in both Darwin and Perth.

The main aim of the SEALS team is, and always has been, personalised service with a particular focus on supplying a select group of feedlot operators.

Over the last decade, SEALS has supplied more than 400,000 head of cattle to the South East Asian market, building a successful business relationship amongst importers. SEALS strives to offer a unique service not only to our elite clients, but also our valued suppliers of cattle within Australia.

Partnership with Yarra Corporation

In late 2017, we announced our new partnership with Yarra Corporation. With a strong focus on the booming Chinese consumer market, our new parent company based in Singapore strives towards becoming the preferred supplier of premium produce from Australia to Asia. SEALS will supply live cattle to Yarra Corp's abattoir in Shandong, China, creating a robust and vertically integrated supply chain. Besides better access to resources, SEALS will also enjoy greater purchasing power in Australia, a benefit to be shared with all our customers.

Licenses and Accreditations

SEALS is licensed by the Australian Department of Agriculture (DAWR) – License #L333.

Associations and Memberships

SEALS is a member of the Northern Territory Livestock Exporters Association, the Queensland Livestock Exporters Association, the Western Australian Livestock Exporters Association and LiveCorp, the Australian Livestock Export Corporation Ltd.

SEALS is also registered with the Queensland Chamber of Commerce and the Western Australian Chamber of Commerce.