Our Operations

Export Facilities

Through trusted partners, SEALS uses quarantine facilities that are certified by the Department of Agriculture. These include Noonamah Export Yards in Darwin, Roebuck Export Depot in Broome and Karumba Livestock Exports in Karumba.


The SEALS team currently have long term charters on specialist livestock vessels, MV NINE EAGLE, ​MV FINOLA and MV GL LAN XIU. We also charter other vessels as needed to meet our clients' requirements.

Our Markets

SEALS currently send consignments on a regular basis to Vietnam, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia.

Click here to read about the first NT Buffalo shipment to go to Vietnam.

We are always looking into new markets and welcome any enquiries.

After Sales Support

With an extensive network of Australian agribusiness companies, SEALS can supply a variety of livestock support products and equipment to the market. Our specialist team of consultants service our clients exclusively in areas of: feedlot design and management, livestock nutrition and health, livestock handling, transport best practices, modification and installation of equipment to enhance welfare outcomes such as OIE compliant knocking boxes and stunning equipment, abattoir design, and slaughter best practices.

SEALS have helped our overseas clients with specialised unloading platforms. These platforms were needed to ensure the safety of both the cattle and the stockmen when unloading from the vessels. SEALS helped design the platforms and had them manufactured in Australia. They were then placed permanently on all our chartered livestock vessels.

SEALS has a group of consultants to manage ESCAS (Export Supply Chain Assurance System) requirements. All information pertaining to the rigorous legislation of ESCAS can be found on the Department of Agriculture website. SEALS employs ESCAS specialists as part of our commitment to the highest animal welfare outcomes possible.